Betmar's history goes back to the depths of the Great Depression in America. The year was 1933, and the hat business was flourishing despite difficult economic times.

Wearing a hat was part of every day dressing for men and women. Betmar, a new brand focused on women's millinery, was in need of a strong factory. A partnership was formed with a skilled old-line cap maker with roots dating back to 1911 in New York.

From this Betmar was born. The name based on Betty Marks, the first designer for the hat company. Within six months Betmar blossomed at major department stores around the country. Betty continued designing well into the 1950s, and her protégé, Miss Arleen, carried the name and reputation forward for many years. Betmar is sold today in more than 15 countries and is a leader in women's headwear fashion.

Although we aren’t selling Betmar’s beautiful products online yet, we’d love you to pop in to our store and see our latest ranges.

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