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Welcome to Dame Oliver's

Dame Oliver’s is a magnet for people who want something a little bit different. The clothing, hats and accessories are eye-catching and high quality, while the prices are resolutely down-to-earth.

We also stock hats, cocktail hats, fascinators and bags of all shapes, sizes, styles and colours. Our staff offer a personal service – matching colour and style to any outfit.

We are a fair trade shop in a fair trade city, and we strive to source goods that meet our own ethical, quality, and environmental standards.


We love hats

At Dame Oliver's we’re proud to present the work of some of the world's finest hat makers. Included are stars of British millinery such as Vivien Sheriff, Nigel Rayment and Rebecca Couture.


Clothes that make you feel special

If clothes matter to you, then we would love to show you some of the wonderful products we stock from the UK and beyond. We also stock clothing designed for larger sizes, and have some dazzling items that will make you feel special